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Valencia Spain

Quite simply put, you cannot visit Spain without trying paella.

Velencia is the birthplace of this famous dish so we saved the best for last! Anticipating the variety and popularity of paella throughout Spain we chose to take the experience one step further and learn to make the traditional paella. Paella found it’s roots in the rice fields. The men out in the fields had no time to go home for lunch so they used foraged staples that could be acquired in their surroundings. Being in an agricultural environment they had access to rice, chickens, rabbits, ducks and land snails. This was the protein in the dish, while local legumes, green beans and artichokes were added when in season. olive Oil, water, saffron, paprika and salt completed the ingredient list. Today paella is the equivalent of the America barbecue and is prepared on fair weather days with family and friends. Paella is traditionally eat right out of the pan with each participant eating from the section of pan directly in front of them. There are many rules Of educate when enjoying a pan of paella with others. You may not cross boarders, so to speak, to steal a desireabl item from another’s section. This is grounds for expulsion at best and a sharp poke in the hand with a fork at worst. You must eat with paella is always eaten with a spoon and the meaty pieces on the bone with your hands. You can trade or negotiate with your fellow diners for items you desire. Any item you don’t want in your section may be placed in the center of the pan known as “Switzerland “ giving permission to anyone to take it. The best part of paella is the dark crispy rice on the bottom of the pan

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