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Our Goal


Our Goal is to offer you the ability to cook delicious and nutritious meals full of flavor and with a hint of Wow!  We have included recipe pages for each herb and spice seasoning blend to give you a jumping off point. From there the sky is the limit to how you can use these herb and spice seasoning blends.


We recognize the special dietary needs of individuals and offer our customers the option to special order herb and spice seasoning blends specifically designed for their own taste. We can convert all of our herb and spice seasoning blends to meet the dietary needs for those on sodium restricted diets.


We strive to keep our herb and spice seasonings pure and do not add fillers or preservatives to any of our products and all of our herb and spice seasonings are gluten- free. We also offer favor sized tins for weddings, gift baskets, showers or corporate gifts. 

Our Story


For the Love of Spice specializes in custom designed and hand packed herb and spice seasoning blends. 


Our journey began from a love for cooking and sharing good food with others. We began selling our herb and spice seasoning blends at the local Farmer’s Market and soon discovered we had a growing clientele.


Let us help you enrich the flavor of your life!

The Tin


Why a tin? In our ever changing world and our need to conserve resources we wanted to find a container that would look elegant and be environmentally friendly.


Our tins are made in the U.S.A. and utilize less energy resources than glass and plastic reducing our environmental footprint. The tin also keeps light away from our spices allowing a longer shelf life.  


We recommend storing your spices in a cabinet away from a heat source to further preserve your herb and spice seasoning blends.


Light, air and heat are the three elements that quicken the deterioration of herbs and spices and the tin is the perfect container to reduce the effects of these elements.


Please reuse or recycle your tin when you are done with your spice blend.

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