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Home for the Holidays

Welcome, December! As we launch ourselves into a very different Holiday season, it helps to adopt some new traditions or awaken some old ones.

Already the surrounding neighborhoods have begun decorating their homes and yards with holiday lights and décor. I find myself humming Christmas carols and buying fir scented candles. Why not? So, we’ve come to the time of year where we huddle around the fireplace or yule log on TV and sip mulled wine or piping hot mulled apple cider. Chex Mix is yearning to be made and enjoyed throughout the season. Dark chocolate peppermint is just lurking in the background waiting for December to begin. It is hard to know where to start with so many holiday traditions and treats to enjoy over the holidays.

We may have to celebrate at a distance this year, but that should not stop us from enjoying every aspect of the season. If family and friends are out, why not send them some holiday cheer? We can help you out here. We have the perfect mulling spices all pre-measured and ready to dunk in that wine or cider. Why not send some to your family and friends and enjoy together through a zoom visit? (The recipe for both is on our website under recipes “Yuletide Mulling Spice”). The smell of cinnamon, clove, and orange will fill your house with the sweet scent of the season.

Stop on by the shop and explore the wide variety of teas! iThe holiday teas have recently arrived with festive flavors such as Dark Chocolate Peppermint and Butterscotch, perfect alternatives to our favorite calorie-ridden holiday drinks. We have stocked the store full of sugar cookie and gingerbread cookie mixes, brownie mixes, scones, and holiday cookie cutters. Bake up a storm with the kiddos and let them express themselves with the icing. Then bring a plate of fresh cookies to loved ones or neighbors. We all need a little something to brighten our spirits this season.

Plan regular zoom calls to visit with family and celebrate the season. Take your family on a virtual tour of your home and decorations, share a cup of mulled wine, or enjoy some milk and cookies. Whatever you choose to do throughout the season, make sure to reach out to those close to

you, check in with your neighbors, and have fun! We wish you all a joyful season filled with wonder and beauty.

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