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Day 7 - Ronda

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Today we travel to Ronda. The morning starts off with our last breakfast in at Casa 1800. We will miss this incredible hotel. I can not recommend this hotel enough. We just loved the comfort, the warm and helpful staff, and proximity to all the sites. Just perfect!

We hire a taxi to take us to the rental car pick up next to the train station. All goes well until Michael realizes he left his phone in the taxi, yikes!! Luckily we had the hotel arrange for our taxi and they were able to find our driver and safely reunite Michael and his phone within 10 mins. Just a few moments of panic, that's all.

Next, we encounter troubles with our rental car. It just won''t start. So, an hour later we are treated to an upgrade and drive off in a Land Rover Discovery 2, Yeah! Ronda, Spain here we come!

It is a short two hour drive to Ronda. The landscape is reminiscent of California, yellow rolling hills dotted with oak and olive trees just dreamy.

As we near Ronda the landscape becomes even more dramatic with rocky mountains and a lightning storm that whipped up just as we were entering Ronda.

We arrive at the loading area for Hotel Montelirio, our next home away from home. The hotel sent us instructions on where to park.

The hotel is on a tiny one-lane cobbled street, about the size of a sidewalk in an American city. We quickly roll our luggage up the incline to the hotel entrance. Our room is a roomy suite. We upgraded so we could have a view of the Puente Nuevo bridge spanning the El Tajo gorge. Well worth a few more Euro.

The "New" bridge was completed in 1759 after 34 years of construction. Three arches support the bridge. Above the center arch is a chamber which was used for a variety of things, most notably a prison. Allegedly during the civil war 1934-1939 both sides used the prison and we're reported to have thrown prisoners from the window to their deaths.

During the day the arches are illuminated by rays of the sun while in the evening it glows by strategically placed lighting.

We are enjoying our spacious suite including the balcony where we gaze over the valley below the Puente Nuevo.

Lunch service is in full swing and we head downstairs to the restaurant. The restaurant has good reviews and is Michelin recommended.

The views from the restaurant are expansive.

The menu has a nice selection. I chose the sea bream, a fish similar to sea bass, served with saffron potatoes and a shrimp and Michael orders the suckling pig.

The suckling pig has a rich crisp skin with a fall off the bone juicy interior, simply melt in the mouth delicious. Michael tore into it before I could get a picture.

The sea bream is flaky and fresh mixed with the saffron potatoes and you have a perfect bite.

Well worth a visit to the restaurant for the view alone, having a nice meal is an added bonus.

After exploring the town a bit we grab a couple of sandwiches some wine and head back to our room to enjoy the sunset.

Good night for now!

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