Day 6 - Sevilla - The Cathedral & Tapas

Another day paradise starting with a fantastic breakfast and hot coffee, the best!

Today we are shopping for presents and looking for items for the store. We are also going to the Sevilla Cathedral to visit the crypt where Christopher Columbus was layed to rest.

So, off we go winding our way through the cobbled streets dashing in and out of shops filled with possibilities. We lose track of time while focused on shopping and have to rush to the Cathedral to make our entrance on time. With the huge rise in tourism concern for preservation has led to strictly controlling the number of visitors entering the sites.

There are two entrances to the cathedral, #1 on the left side for purchasing tickets and #2 on the right side to enter with a reservation. Tour groups have their own entrance in the front of the cathedral. Also, the restrooms can sometimes be hard to find. They are not always marked with the standard symbols.

The cathedral is named "The Cathedral De Santa Maria de la sede de Sevilla." This translates to The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Sea. Construction began in 1401 and was completed in1528 with a length of 443 ft., width 330 ft., and heigth of 138 ft. quite an impressive site to see.

The Cathedral is commonly known as the Cathedral of Sevilla and located in the center of the old town. For tickets and more information go to: