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Day 5 - Sevilla - Alcazar

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Finally got a good night's rest and feel like we are on Spain time. We wake to the sounds of breakfast being prepared and are ready to start exploring.

Breakfast is included in our room rate and it is quite a spread with a coffee bar, tea, fresh squeezed juices of orange, pineapple and peach even Cava! There are scrambled eggs, bacon, mini sausages, Spanish cheeses, Iberico ham, pastries, toast, fresh fruit and some other local items I don't recognize. You will not leave hungry that's for sure.

After sufficiently gorging on breakfast we roll out for the day. We are walking the famed "Mushroom of Sevilla" or as it is officially named Metropol Parasol.

This structure was constructed for both tourist and locals to enjoy. Allowing for a panoramic view of the city from atop and shopping and restaurants underground. It is well worth the 3 euro to walk the top.

After taking in the views we head out for some shopping only to discover that on Sundays all of the shops are closed. We stroll along looking in through store windows and find ourselves at a bar known for there superior preparation of Sangria and Mojitos. We order one of each to give them a try and add a few tapas to our order.

Grilled artichokes with truffle oil.

Tomato, cheese and basil with a sundried tomato dressing,

Sauteed scallops with risotto.

Duck breast with grilled apples.

Cod with pumpkin foam.

My favorite would have to be the grilled artichokes. Michael agreed, they were tender and flavorful and I could eat these everyday, really!

The tomato salad was fresh and good with a nice vinaigrette. The scallops were cooked perfectly and tasted sweet against the creamy salty risotto. A little less risotto would have suited the scallops better but overall a tasty dish. The duck was over cooked and tough and the fat not rendered so I would give this dish a pass. The cod was tender and flaky and the pumpkin foam light and delicious. I would recommend asking for a little less foam as it really overtook the fish. All in all a nice stop for a bite.

We are now ready to visit the Alcazar of Sevilla.

Please see link for more information on this magnificent site.

We spend the next two and half hours touring the site which included several palaces, gardens and walkways.

How glorious this estate must have been.

The walls, ceilings, and floors are mostly covered in tiles of geometric design coming from the arabic influences.

The gardens are full of fruit trees and grape vines and every few feet you encounter a seating area or pergola to sit and rest or just ponder the day away.

Fountains and birds flock on the rims to take their turns for drink or bath. Floral and fauna abound with whiffs of sweet scents filling the air while giant Koi fish jump into the air trying to catch droplets of water from the flowing fountain.

Really a magical palace.

We are now famished and on a mission for a good dinner. We discover Casa Robles, a Michelin recommended restaurant. We decide to dine al fresco.

Looking to try a true Sevilla dish we select gazpacho topped with shaved egg, toasted ham and drizzled with olive oil. Our waiter splits the portion into two bowls so we can each enjoy our own. The flavors of tomato, garlic and cream fill your mouth with bright tangy flavors.

I order the prawn salad with mango and avocado and ask for and olive oil and vinegar dressing versus the mayonnaise dressing that comes with the salad. The salad is fresh and full of sweet and savory flavors a must have!

Michael opts for the Imberian ham grilled fillets served with potatoes and a green legume. Perfectly seasoned and tender another good choice.

We finish the meal with a digestive and take our time returning to our hotel. Sevilla is just a magnificent city. If you have the opportunity I recommend a visit.

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