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Day 8 Modena - Ferrari and Food

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Tonight we will be dining at Ristorante l'Erba del Re. This will be our first experience at a Michelin starred restaurant.

But first it's off to the Ferrari museum!

Modena is the land of Ferrari and the museum is a must see. With our taste buds awakened we decide to have a quick bite at the museum restaurant before touring the cars. To my pleasant surprise the food was excellent!

The pumpkin ravioli with shaved parmigiano reggiano and balsamic vinegar was sweet, savory and salty all in one.

Michael had the three meat lasagna which was a real treat. The meat was ground into a pate consistancy and was seven layers high.

After lunch we walk through the museum admiring the cars and learning the history of Enzo Ferrari. A great experience.

Our son loves yellow cars. This is for you Dylan!

Now, back to our room for the afternoon nap!

The time has come for our big evening. Tonight we go all out with fine dining. So very excited!!

Ristorante l'Erba del Re is run by chef Luca Marchini and he is a true food artist. We ordered the eight course tasting menu with wine pairing and all I can say is......OMG.

The food was so technical I can not even describe the dishes for fear of under rating them. The pictures are worth 1000 words for sure.

Cod three ways.

Veal tartar with strawberries.

Shrimp Cocktail.

Trofie with chicken ragu and lamb foam.

Struffed ravioli with ham, squash and balsamic vinegar.

Piglet with wine reduction and marinated shallot.

Foie grois and blue cheese filled ravioli with almond foam.

Pigeon with young potato puree.

Dessert #1 Coffee cream filled shell with cake.

Dessert #2 A selection of mini cookies and sweets.

After our immersion into this wonderful food we meet the chef and express our admiration. He is so gracious and friendly and kindly allows a photo.

The end to a day of adventure, knowledge and satisfaction.

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