Day 13 Vignamaggio in Chianti

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

After a peaceful sleep we wake to the sounds of the estate. Birds chirping their wake up song, workers beginning there long day of tending to the vineyard, and the quiet meow of the resident gatto "cat". Seriously, I could say here for weeks!

We take a five minute walk down ancient stone steps and a gravel walkway shadowed by olive trees then pop out at the breakfast house. What an amazing spread of breakfast goodies. Eggs three ways, toast, fresh fruit of every kind, pastries, juice, locally cured meats & handcrafted cheeses, We pile up our plates as to not miss out on anything and order duo "two" cappuccino's.

We sit on the patio soaking in the sun kissed hills and slowing prepare for the day ahead. The time has come to for our tour of the grounds and winery.

We meet our group in the tasting room. The tour begins with a brief history of the Villa Vignamaggio.

The noble Tuscan Gherardini family move to Vignamaggio in the 1302.

The first document, testament to the presence of winemaking at Vignamaggio, is drawn up in 1404. The document is known as Amidio Gherardini’s Parchment of 1404.

In 1479 Monna Lisa Gherardini is born. It is believed that Leonardo da Vinci got his inspiration for the background of his famed painting "The Mona Lisa" from a terrace on the estate. This famed terrace is known as the "Monna Lisa Terrace". You have to love history!

The winery tour is fascinating. During the tour we see more influences from Leonardo da Vinci.

The wine barrels have these glass contraptions on top. They are an invention by Da Vinci which allow gasses to escape without allowing air into the barrel. Uniquely Italiano.