Day 9 Modena - La Laterna di Diogene

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

After waking from our food coma we get ready for the new day. We have set up a visit to La Lanterna di Diogene.

La Lanterna di Diogene is a restaurant and acetaia. The really amazing thing is that this is a farm supporting individuals with cognative disabilties.

See map: La Lanterna di Diogene

Before we drive to the farm, we decide to take a walk to the local Food Market. The market is held daily and is an indoor market. Here you find everthing from fresh flowers to cured and fresh meats.

Want chicken? You can choose from chicken or rooster and to prove it's a rooster they leave the head attached.

Beautiful cascading colors of fresh produce fill the aisles with customers filling their bags and baskets with goods. The selection of cheese is enough to make me green with envy.

Fresh ricotta, mozzarella and an abundance of other choices are sold by the kilogram. The pasticceria "bakery" draws us in with the sweet aroma of freshly made bread and sweets. Oh how I wish I could bring this all home.