Day 7 Modena - Franceschetta 58

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Dinner reservations are for 8:00 pm. Franceschetta 58 is called the little cousin to Osteria Francescana the most sought after reservation in the world! Both are owned by famous chef Massimo Bottura.

See map: Franceschetta 58

Time has arrived for us to start our walk to the restaurant and we stroll along the tree lined park. Reservations were made a month ago to ensure our entrance and the restaurant is quickly filling up. Franceschetta58 is stylish with a modern take on elegance. you get a slight feel of an american diner with the candy in glass jars up by the register, sliders arriving in cardboard clam shell boxes and english words on the walls. The dinner service wares are eclectic with each piece from various designs and colors. Silverware is placed in white pitchers on the table. Such a fun and modern take on decor.

We begin with a complimentary starter of a diconstructed bowl of tomato soup. in the base of the bowl is seasoned tomato puree followed with broken parmiggiano croutons and finshed with a parmiggiano reggiano foam. Foam is very popular on dishes over here and it comes in many forms. Each element is distinctive and blend well together. I quietly scape my bowl clean.

Michael orders the primo Zuppa di pasta mista, cozze, gamberi, calamari e spuma di aglio dolce. A steaming bowl of mixed seafood and various pasta pieces smothered in a tomato seafood broth with garlic foam.