Day 7 Florence to Modena

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

It is alway bittersweet to leave one destination for the next. The time has come to pack our bags say goodbye to Florence and hello to Modena.

See map: The Emlia-Romagna Region

After our final breakfast on the roof we finsh packing and check out. Michael has gone to retrieve the rental car and I stay behind to check the room over one last time.

We have rented a sporty silver Fiat 500 with a sunroof! We we're a bit skeptical as whether our luggage would fit and we're relieved to see every case fit in the back. We have extra room in fact, case number 5 perhaps?

Tina had mentioned a local market that is held during the week starting on Tuesdays so we decide to check it out before we hit the road. The market is about a half a mile walk from our hotel and we decide to walk.

Along our journey we come accross a ceramic store featuring ceramics of Florence. I pop inside and fall in love with thier beautiful designs. "Do you ship?" I ask. Yes, is all I needed to hear and I quickly begin my list of olive oil bottles. He tells me it will take three weeks to paint and then another week for shipping. Happiness fills my soul.

We continue our walk and we begin to see crowds of eagar shoppers emerge.

There is really something for every need at this market. Clothing from under garments to pants and shirts, blankets, bed covers, curtains and kitchen implements of every kind. The sweetly sour smell of cured meats and cheese fill our noses and we long to take it all home. Stalls of fresh produce are abundant as are flower vendors. This is a market for daily living. I buy a nice straw hat for 4.00 euro, yes that's about $4.80 less than a cup of coffee back home. Michael finds some espresso spoons for his daily shot.

It's getting late and the stress of driving in the city is starting to rise. Walking back to the car in my new hat, I find relief from the soaring sun.

Michael has set up two GPS maps to assist us on our journey. The only problem is that the street names are very hard to find or nonexistent. After a few wrong turns we make it to the on ramp, whoosh, nuckle bump for success and off we go.

Driving is a bit stressful as speed traps are everywhere and most locals drive over the speed limit. Not wanting to rack up tickets we keep to the listed speed limit.