Day 5 Florence

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Breakfast on the roof! Let's see.... oh perfection found once again. We eat and plan our day. Today we visit the "Galleria delgi Uffizi". Home to the Medici art collection left to the state of Tuscany for future generations to enjoy. What a gift indeed! This collection encompasses The Birth Of Venus and La Primavera by Sandro Botticelli, Modonna Dal Collo Lungo (Madonna with the Long Neck), by Parmigianino, Doni Tondo by Michelangelo, and Madonna of the Gold Finch by Raphael, just to name a few.

See map: Uffizi Gallery

We booked a tour for this one. The museum is huge and to get the most out of this experience a guided tour is the way to go. We are using Walks of Italy, once again, and not to be redundant, a great tour and guide. Our guide is Ishmael and he looks a lot like Andrea Bocelli. We gather in the square outside the museum and ready ourselves for the 3hr tour. We have chosen an early visit at 8:15am. I know, I know.... we moaned a bit about getting up so early. In hind sight it was by far the best time to go. First it is cooler in the morning and less crowded which is the real bonus.

On this particular morning the crowds were almost nonexistent. Our guide was so pleased as we were able to get close to each piece of art and spend time really looking and taking it in.

The detailed descriptions about the meaning, painting style and technique were treasured information and really helped us to understand the period and culture of the Renaissance.

We also visited the Palazzo Vecchio with our group. It is decieving, in terms of size, from the street view. Once inside we tour the duke and dutchess living quarters and spill out into the Salone dei Cinquecento. This by far the largest room we have visited spanning 170ft in length by 75ft in width. The entire ceiling is an art gallery in and of itself with enormous paintings painted on wood and hoisted to their resting place. Olive oil was used as a natural way to keep the chains lubricated. Each painting is surrounded by a gold frame ornate and worth a study on thier own. The walls are also covered by large paintings on plaster.