Day 4 Rome to Florence

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Arrivederci Roma we are headed for the city of Florence by train. We upgraded our seats to premium and are nestled in comfort for the 1.5 hr. train trip. We sit next to a lovely couple from California and chat about our lives and travel experiences.

Buono sera from the city of Firenze!

See map: Florence

One of my favorite things about overseas travel is that it connects you to complete strangers by that one common thread of being abroad. Somehow this allows us to feel more open and free to chat and share. I have met so many interesting people along our journey thus far and it has been such a pleasure to pass the time chatting.

We pull into the train station and immediatly find a corner in the station to bring up maps on the phone and plan our navigation to the hotel.

Tip: It is well worth the money to buy a travel plan through your mobile carrier. It is so disorienting to arrive in a new city with no idea where you really are.

I recommend buy at least one plan that will give you unlimited data and then the other phone can carry a block plan, which allows you to use certain minutes with voice and limited texts. WiFi is available at most hotels free of charge so any email, Facebook or video chatting can be done when you are in your hotel. The cost is roughtly $10.00 per day for the extended plan and $40.00 for 1 month on the limited plan.

Having these in place will help you find your way to sites, restaurants and most importantly back to your hotel.

After walking about 15 minutes over bumpy cobbled streets with 4 cases, yes I said 4, we finally find the salvation of our hotel. Yes, Michael did agree with me that we should have taken a taxi.

We splurged a bit for Firenze.... Air conditioning, rooftop terrace and bar, win win!! We have a large room with a table for me to do my blog. I am really loving life right now.

Our room is slightly delayed so we head to the rooftop bar and take in the view overlooking the city.

Simply put, breathtaking! We can see the main duomo from the terrace followed by the hillside dotted with Tuscan Cypress trees. Really it looks like a painting. A nice cooling breeze and we sit in reverence of our good forturne.

Our hotel is Hotel Kraft. The service impeccable. All of the staff are very helpful while friendly and professional. Did I mention it has a rooftop pool above the bar? Mind Blowing!!