Day 3 Rome

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Ciao my friends! Our last full day in Rome begins with breakfast on the garden patio. Sunbeams warming our bodies while sipping on a perfectly made cappiccino. Really, it does not get much better.

Today is a day of rest and meandering through our temporary neighborhood.

Trastevere is full of shops, and I love to shop, so a perfect day for me. We find a leather store which makes all their handbags right here in Rome. Of course I bought one, wouldn't you? Matching shoes you ask? Of course for each hand bag you can find matching shoes. When in Rome! We stop for lunch at Trattoria Da Teo, a local favorite with all the charm and warmth you hope to find in Rome. We are given the best seats in the house with an open window overlooking a beautiful terrace. Really the breeze coming through the window felt amazing and I seriously could have remained there for hours.

A few moments later a nice Roman family arrive and begin chatting away in the sing song rhythm Italian is known for. The Papa is in his 80's and greets us with a smile and informs us, this is the best restaurant in the neighborhood (all in Italian of course). It is clear they are regular customers as the chef comes out to greet them and they order off menu and directly to the chef. The family is engaging showing us family photos of children and grand children and we, in return do the same. While we enjoy our meal we equally enjoy watching what this local family orders. A beautiful sea bass with crispy potatoes, Roman artichokes and a fish dish with safforn. Off menu so I could not identfy the fish type. The food: Antipsti: Jewish artichokes and stuffed zucchini blossoms with mozzarella and anchovy. Both arrive golden and deep fried. You can usually choose between two options Jewish or Roman artichokes; the Jewish are deep fried to a crisp and dripping with oil or steamed and dressed with olive oil. Try both, for me the steamed option looked much better. The Jewish artichokes were crunchy with a nice soft center. The zucchini blossoms were light and tasty. The mozzarella was creamy and smooth adding a relief from the saltiness of the anchovy. A nice way to start the meal.