Day 2 Rome

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Buongiorno from Rome! After a full nights rest we are ready for sight seeing.

We begin our morning in the courtyard of Tree Charme with a delicious breakfast of omelette, croissant and a cappuccino kindly brought to our table, hot and smelling of freshly brewed espresso, ah the good life!

After being sufficiently spoiled we head to the daily Campo de Fiori "Field of Flowers", receiving this name from the meadow that was once here.

See map: Campo de' Fiori

Shopping for truffles at the market.

This market has been in operation since the late 1300's. The square itself has never been developed and has served as as a place for horse trading, entertainment and food vending. The surronding streets act as a reminder that this center is a place of business. Each street is named for the trade that once was conducted; such as "via dei Cappellari", or hat maker.

Lets not over look the darker side of this square, Campo de Fiori was also used for public executions, yikes! Hard to imagine this thriving square as a gathering spot to watch executions.

Today the market is full of vendors selling everything from spices, cheese, olive oil, truffles to fresh cheese, vegetables and fruit. As a courtesy, ask before touching anything. It is considered impolite to handle produce without asking first. Some vendors would prefer to help you choose by showing you the best of their produce.

We took lunch at "Sloppys" not the best name but the restaurant is right on the Piazza and the food is good. I had a simple meal of grilled chicken with rosemary and grilled zucchini, a perfect light meal for the afternoon.