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Day 1 Rome

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

After traveling for 15+ hours we arrive in Rome. A couple of suggestions for long airplane travel:

  1. Choose the longest leg of your flight to be the international stretch. The aircraft is larger and the service is much better than domestic travel.

  2. If financially possible upgrade to Economy+. It might not seem like you get much more but the extra leg room and larger seat make a huge difference.

  3. Choose the very front side seats if possible. These are the best economy seats on the airplane, no question. You will enjoy about 2ft of leg room and no one laying there seat back in your face.

Now onto the good stuff!

We arrived in Rome dazed and sleep drunk (dizzy from travel, no alcohol), called our hotel for a car and were encouraged to take a white taxi from the taxi que. Be aware of the drivers trying to lure you into luxury or Uber cars. About half of the drivers are not legitimate so stick to the white taxi's only. The cost is 48 Euro or $57 US. Get an exact amount before leaving the airport as the cost goes up depending on hotel location.

We arrived at our hotel, which reminded me of a youth hostle but for adults. The rooms are set up with a shared living area and private rooms with their own bathroom. We are staying at the Tree Charme or "guest house" if you translate the charme. Quite charming and on the edge of our favorite neighborhood Trastevere.

See map:

Piazza Trilussa Fontana di Ponte Sisto

Trastevere is quaint filled with tiny botiques, bars and restaurants. This little neighhood twists and turns with ancient cobbles and beautiful roof top gardens. At night you really see the city come to life.

Our room is situated over a tiny piazza with one of the 2000 fountains found in Rome. We were able to sit back in the comfort of our room and listen to a street busker perfrom for the crowd. As the evening progressed we were amused by a talented magician performing his tricks.

Starving and still suffering from jet lag, we stumbled through the streets in search of nourishment. We eventially settled on Ristarante Nerello. I ordered the pasta with eggplant, peppers, capers and olives. Simple and decent, not the best but service was superb and eating in the piazza was a treat. Upon finishing our meal we were offered a nice digestivo of amaretto. A great way to finish off the meal.

Returning to Charme for sleep and more piazza entertainment was a perfect way to end our first

day in Rome! See you tomorrow.

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