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Ingredients: Garlic, Mexican oregano, cumin, onion, tomato powder, smoked paprika, cayenne chili, thyme, cornstarch, salt, and black pepper.


Who doesn't love a good taco? The beauty of Saucy Taco is its purity, with no fillers or preservatives to interfere with the raw spices. A touch of heat and a hint of smokiness adds to the delight of this blend. Use with any ground meat or firm tofu. Add to sour cream with squeeze of lime juice to make a sauce for fish tacos. Toss with your fajita mix to boost flavor or make a Latin-forward soup such as chicken tortilla soup. My favorite is ground turkey tacos with freshly made guacamole! 

Saucy Taco

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    Fantastic flavor without all the additives or preservatives of store bought taco seasoning.

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