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Ingredients: Parsley, toasted shallots, chervil, pink peppercorns, basil, sumac, thyme, roasted garlic, savory and bay leaves.


A customer favorite! This blend is tangy and savory. Tasked with creating a tasty seasoning without salt was no easy feat. After some tweaking I introduced Ooh La La! Inspired by french cusine we have chervil which is sweet, pink peppercorns which are mild and slightly fruity and savory and bay which add a nice herb balance. The sumac adds the acid and the tang replicating salt! Does this taste like salt? No, but it sure is a good replacer! Use on just everthing from your morning eggs, to meats, vegeables, soups, stews, rice and lentils!


Ooh La La! (Salt-Free) Seasoning

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