Day 2 - Barcelona - Gaudi & Tapas

After a good night's sleep we head to the rooftop for breakfast. To our delight we discover an array of breakfast options from locally-made pastries, fresh fruit and hand squeezed juice, as well as eggs and bacon. To top it off, cappuccino was delivered to our table.

We are heading to Park Guell (pronounced uay). This was Gaudi's dream project. He was hired to create a community for the elite of Barcelona to include sixty residence, a school, a local fresh food market, laundry services and acres of lush gardens.

Through his mastery of design, Gaudi used nature as his inspiration and you would be hard pressed to find a straight line in his creations.

Park Guell is filled with elaborate viaducts each offering shelter and purpose to enrich the lives of the occupants.

Gaudi is known for his use of mosaics. He incorporated found objects such as ceramic cups, plates and wine bottles. Due to the curvature of his architecture he found it necessary to break the tiles and glass into pieces in order to cover the curves.

Gaudi's love of the opera Hansel and Gretel inspired design of structures in the park. One building stands out with white tiles for the frosting and colored circles representing candy around the windows. It's a gingerbread house.

In another structures, Gaudi placed metal screens over the windows representing the witch's house and the jail where Hansel and Gretel were kept.