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Day 1 - Barcelona!

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

We arrived in Spain after a 13-hour flight. Thankfully Michael had arranged for a welcome pickup and we found our driver quickly at the baggage exit with our name on sign in hand. I highly recommend scheduling a welcome pickup either through your hotel or through a private welcome pick up service. This is extremely helpful when you're in a new country you're tired and not sure where you're going. you can arrange this through your hotel if you feel uncomfortable going through a service on your own.

Barcelona is full of beautiful wonderful hotels. Depending on your style and your comfort level you will have an array of hotels to choose from. We chose to stay at the Vincci Mae hotel in the "Diagonal" neighborhood. We chose this hotel as it was out of the crowded tourist areas and boasts a rooftop deck with an expansive view of the city. Our room is clean spacious with a nice balcony and very comfortable. Vincci May is a 4-star hotel with great service in a great neighborhood.

After a quick shower lunch and nap we venture out into the neighborhood to explore. There are lots of families out for the evening stroll and dog owners walking their dogs. As we walk along we decide we are ready for a bite and discover a small local bar with locals filling the tables out front.

The bar is called La Campana. We discover later that this is a Galician bar and a favorite by the locals for the traditional food. We slip inside and are immediately seated at a small table. Lucky for me my seat faces the iberian ham "jambon" carving station.

We order Pulpo de Galicia which is octopus with a sprinkle of Spanish paprika and a drizzle of olive oil.

We chose the higher-end iberian ham, the iberian ham is from pigs that have been fed acorns giving the meat a rich and nutty flavor, simply Delicious. Our ham is delivered with a beautiful display of local melon, a wonderful combination.

After we finish our first and second courses we order the Sebastian cake, another Galician favorite, served with an amaro for dipping. We were also surprised with a home-brewed spirit called Orujo de Herbas.

This digestive was very similar to Grappa with a high alcohol content and a sweeter taste from the infused herbs. Definitely worth ordering and trying, delicious!

We head back to the hotel very satisfied. It's 11:30pm and time for some sleep.

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